Entrepreneurship is important for students

  My name is Puspa Saud. Today I want to tell you all why entrepreneurship is so important for students. Please read carefully. I don’t think the curriculum that academics wrote in the 19th century is enough to become an influential person in today’s world. Many students realize that entrepreneurship courses enhance their education by teaching them communication skills, time management, negotiation, and collaboration. Indeed, entrepreneurship is not just another subject; It’s a mindset that helps people develop agile thinking so they can identify problems and find solutions that create value.

 These analytical and interpersonal skills help to succeed in life, so entrepreneurship is very important for students. Especially during high school: Develop innovative thinking Lead through collaboration Combine assertiveness with confidence as you develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Become a successful person. Entrepreneurship is so important to students that many visionary students at over all world want to run their own businesses as they seek autonomy, financial security, and professional flexibility. Of course, some of these young adults are inheriting the family business in hopes of strengthening and expanding the legacy. On the contrary, youths from communities with weak economic family background like us are starting startups to meet the emerging needs.

 Thus, we need to be influenced by the changing world environment which will teach us how to innovate, lead, collaborate and be diligent. Friends, master the art of leadership through collaboration When I asked successful entrepreneurs their first answer was that to be successful, you must learn to lead through collaboration. We need to learn the art of speaking clearly, writing clear speeches and presentation skills from a young age. In this way, we can develop an effective personality. Communication skills that apply to every aspect of life and any career path. With the changing times, now every person has to prepare for life and work. If we can improve our communication skills and develop the habit of cooperating with each other, developing mutual respect, empathy, camaraderie and trust from our student life, it will be easier for us to be prepared for leadership when we enter adulthood .Active technology and honest entrepreneurship enable students to make an impact on society. Students should continue to visit local businesses and non-profit organizations as they contribute to the sustainable development of society by working in diverse teams targeting a specific need in their community.

 Today’s teenagers want to make a difference in the world, but our society is not yet positive enough for this. Do a start-up, there is no money, if you do a job, you will not pass. The day my brother’s friend went abroad, I came to know that it is Compulsion for Nepalese youth to go abroad. Therefore, we should participate in the activities of making our mentality into an entrepreneurial mindset right from the student life and we should start something from a young age so that we can give this work to our brothers and sisters who are abroad. My father sells momo in thela at the age of 45 and I learned how to make momo at the age of 12 so I have to convert that thela into a restaurant in the next 3 years along with my studies.

 Thus, it is necessary for every friend to do something for themselves. To get rid of poverty, everyone should always say in their hearts, “It was luck to be born poor, now it will be in my hands to die rich.”


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